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Ten years later, resilient New Orleans reflects on Katrina

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - From the Lower Ninth Ward to the Super Dome, New Orleans launched a day of events on Saturday to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, paying tribute to its victims and homage to the city's resilience in the face of disaster.

Chad executes Boko Haram fighters

Chad executes 10 members of the Islamist militant group Boko Haram, a day after they were found guilty of terror crimes.


French hotel thieves posed as guests

French police arrest two men suspected of stealing safes from hotel rooms by posing as wealthy Gulf tourists.


Four abandon as Froome avoids crash
Lebanese hold 'You Stink' rally
Silence to remember air crash victims
Kyrgios is not a bad guy - Murray
VIDEO: Al-Jazeera journalists convicted
Tottenham Hotspur 0-0 Everton
New Austria migrant vehicle found
VIDEO: Four in court over Austria migrant deaths
Lebanese hold 'You Stink' rally
NY Times' Dishonest Attack on Clarence Thomas

Alex Griswold, Mediaite
The New York Times had quite the bombshell Friday with a piece alleging that conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has a habit of simply borrowing the language of briefs submitted to the Court, rather than coming up with his own ideas.Here’s the lede paragraphs to the piece, written by Adam Liptak and entitled "Clarence Thomas, a Supreme Court Justice of Few Words, Some Not His Own."Justice Clarence Thomas has not asked a question from the Supreme Court bench since 2006. His majority opinions tend to be brisk, efficient and dutiful.Now, studies using linguistic...


Clarence Thomas Borrows Others' Language
Affirming a Right to Die With Dignity
ISIS and the Curse of the Iraq War
Restoring American Exceptionalism
Clinton's Flaws Obscured by Trump-Smoke
Hillary's Emails: How The Russians, The Chinese . . . And The White House, Have Benefited

The past couple of weeks have seen a steady drip drip drip of stories about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for official business as Secretary of State, and a steady stream of revelations, each of which further undermine her claims that she did not mishandle classified information and which undermine her veracity in general. Hillary’s comments at her Friday press conference just repeated the behavioral patterns that the Clintons have long been known for - a non-apology apology and carefully parsed denials that do nothing to dispel the broadly-held view that this scandal is merely further evidence, if any were needed after nearly a quarter century of seeing Hillary’s pattern of behavior in public life, that Hillary (like her husband) has a pronounced penchant for dishonesty and dislikes playing by everyone else’s rules. Despite her campaign’s near desperate attempts to spin the story in as favorable a light as possible, a skill set that the Clintons, and all those surrounding the Clintons, have mastered along ago, it appears increasingly likely that Donald Trump’s statement during the GOP primary debate is right - that Hillary is not likely to be the Democratic nominee, conventional wisdom notwithstanding. The scandal has reminded everyone that the Clintons’ proclivity for dishonesty colors everything they do. And without going into all of the legal details, it also appears that David Kendall and Huma Abedin, and possibly others in Hillary’s inner circle, in all likelihood also violated federal law related to the handling of classified materials.


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Janssen Pharmaceuticals Accused of Hiding Risperdal's Breast Effects In Boys
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3 Steps To A Billion Dollar Company (A Hint: Communication Is Key)
The New Exclusive Place To Stay On Kauai

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